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Top 3 MvP Killers

Top 3 PvP Killers

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our staff is active, approachable and
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Community Guidelines

You are responsible for your game accounts. The GM Team are not held liable for any reports of hacking and scamming.

Sharing false information that destroys the reputation of the server strictly is prohibited.

RMT is not allowed in the game.

Use of third party programs are strictly prohibited.

Impersonation of any of the GM Team is prohibited.

Invitation and advertising of another server are prohibited.

Bug and skill abuse is prohibited.

Defaming the server thru vending, buying, megaphone shout and pub titles are

Inappropriate attitude towards any of the GM Team is prohibited.

Personal attack to another player's gender, race, religion, family members are prohibited.

All information used in the process of donation is strictly confidential. Privacy of any admin team should be respected. Personal attack is bannable offense.